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Community Service

Dragon Expeditions values Altruism as a principle of life. Voluntourism offers a way to practice it in a significant way: doing meaningful things for each other; learning better from each other and knowing more about each other.

Voluntourism is a combination of the words “volunteer” and “tourism.” It is a form of tourism that combines travel with service to the communities where you travel. For those looking for something more meaningful than sightseeing, voluntourism may be for you. Dragon Expeditions offers voluntourism packages to some of the most beautiful sites in China. We ensure that you to get the opportunity to explore new cultures, gain unique first-hand experiences, discover your own capabilities, and make lasting new friendships. Through one of our service projects, you can also offer something valuable back to the places you visit and create life long memories. We heartily welcome volunteers of any skill level who have the heart and mind to spend your vacation with us to serve humanity.

Community Service

Old Trails

The old trails project attempts to find an integrated solution that both revives the old trails and creates a sustainable form of tourism in Zhonglu. By introducing eco-tourism to Zhonglu, Dragon Expeditions wishes to empower local community members, especially women, to find viable livelihoods within their own village, and to support villagers explore and share effective ways of sustainable development. We hope that this in turn will help to maintain the beautiful, unique village of Zhonglu in perpetuity for its residents and tourists alike. Read More
Community Service

Water Mills

Dragon Expeditions is committed to rebuilding water mills because they reinforce human to human relationships within village life. By participating in one of our water mill voluntourism trips, you can also work with villagers to restore one of the most basic ways of processing food in their village. More importantly, you will be helping them to revive the bonds within families, between neighbors, and create strong local communities ready to engage with the world without losing itself in the process. Read More
Community Service

Composting toilets

Dragon Expeditions has been helping rural areas build composting toilets to promote hygiene, demonstrate the importance of eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable solutions, and above all to make these communities better places to live and visit. We have built two composting toilets so far and are determined to help many other under-developed rural areas build more in the future. Read More