Tour Highlights

  • Difficulty: 1

This program features lectures, workshops, cultural and historic sites visits, participation in events and performances, as well as opportunities for students to interview and interact with various local community members and spiritual leaders. This immersive experience is solidified with the inclusion of lectures from Chinese university professors who will share their insights and academic expertise in helping students understand the cultures they encounter.


Major themes/ academic subject areas

cultural, Asian studies, religion, geography, philosophy, social work, Peace studies and sociology


Highlights and learning objectives of the program

  • Lecture from a professor of Chinese and Tibetan cultural and religious tradition.
  • Workshops featuring participants from a variety of different ethnic backgrounds and religious found in China.
  • Exploring the role of China’s different spiritual traditions.
  • Interviews with Tibetan monks and spiritual practitioners.
  • Participation in various religious ceremonies
  • First-experience of the lifestyle in Tibetan communities.
  • Home visits and participation in a community project related to themes of culture.

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