Tour Highlights

  • Difficulty: 1

In this program, participants are accommodated in our facility located in the Tibetan community of Zhonglu. During the course of their field study, faculty members and students will be presented with ample opportunities to interact with members of the local indigenous community while developing and applying new skillsets for research in their discipline.


Major themes/ academic subject areas

Anthropology (socio-cultural, archeology, bio/medical, ethnography, linguistic, visual, etc.), Indigenous studies, Asian studies, Religious studies (Tibetan Buddhism and Bon), Sociology, eastern art history, Himalayan culture, public health, ethnic-tourism development, sustainability, urbanization, cultural revitalization.


Highlights and learning objectives of the program

  • Conduct ethnographic research with local community members to learn local perspectives on the traditions and lifestyle of Jiarong Tibetans living in Zhonglu.
  • Practice anthropological methodology in a setting featuring distinct material culture such as ancient stone watch towers, culturally significant apparel, and architecture.
  • Experience Zhonglu’s distinct traditions including mountain worship, Tibetan Buddhism, indigenous dance stylism and singing.
  • Utilize your research to learn how urbanization is affecting the public health, local environment and longstanding cultural norms of people living in the village.

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