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More than ten years after the creation of Dragon Expeditions, we are still the same outdoor enthusiasts who love to explore, discover and unveil the hidden beauties of Mother Nature to others. We love to share and exchange as well, that’s why we have been organizing our travels. And we will keep doing it, as travel is one of the best way to experience and approach the world we are living in.

One thing changed though.

We slowly got deeply involved with the places and the people we have been encountering for the last past years. We are not only adventure lovers anymore, we also are a group of individuals who are committed to building stronger communities.
While we come from different walks of life with various backgrounds, we are all deeply passionate and dedicated towards improving the quality of life for people living in remote regions under the threat of urbanization.
As a consequence, we would like now our travels to serve a special goal : identifying challenges and creating opportunities that will empower locals in building self-reliant communities.

Our Team


Liu Xuan (Apple)

Apple Liu is the founder of Dragon Expeditions in Chengdu. Apple has travelled to almost every corner of the world and her perspective as a seasoned traveler informs the service that she provides for the care that people that visit her own country with Dragon Expeditions. Apple also cares passionately about the long term vibrancy of the communities that she works with and has implemented a range of common good projects in the villages that Dragon Expeditions visit.



‘Dragon eyes’ is a professional architect, urban planner and co-founder of the Yunhe Center at Zhonglu. His main intention in developing the center is to use Yunhe as a bridge to connect urban youngsters with nature and traditional culture, in so doing to understand more about themselves and their relationship with other people and the planet.


Xiaomei Liu

Xiaomei is the Operation Manager. She is the first Chinese winner of Rotary Foundation World Peace Fellowship and is working on the strengthening of Chinese local communities; support their cultural and environmental conservation. She has over 6 years of work experience in environmental protection and non-profit organization development. She has a passion for promoting nature education and workshops on community sustainable development.



Shuchin is Artistic Director of Dragon Expeditions. A lifelong nature lover, she studied for a masters in Environmental Art in Barcelona after obtaining her bachelor degree in Architecture. She has volunteered on a range of community construction projects, including reconstruction after the 2008 Earthquake, building farmhouse in Mianzhu city ; and building a primary school in South Africa. As well as her native Mandarin she speaks fluent English and Spanish.



Lingdang has been working for Dragon Expeditions from the very beginning. She is a professional nature educator, alpine guide in China and France and junior learner of Leave No Trace (LNT). She is certified for mountain rescue in China. She has more than 13 years experience of hosting national and international tourists from different parts of the world and she is also a great chef.



Wenyi is a nature lover who is co-leader and designer of nature education and outdoor activity programs to help urban youngsters connect with nature, work with others and know themselves better. She has completed training in Leave No Trace ( LNT) and Qingyi Nature Education Center.


Jie (Tiger)

“Tiger” is an independant art curator, specialized in Media advertizing. His passions are filming documentaries and exploring wild places. In 2014, he joined Dragon Expeditions to work with children to encourage them to discover the true value of the Nature.



Liaoyi is graduated from Southwest University of Finance and Economics in 2005 and has been working for the Dragon Expeditions as an accountant.


Tianliang (Tim)

Tim is a specialist in physical education and has completed courses in first aid trainings with the Red Cross Society of China. He is qualified as a junior outdoor leader with the China Mountaineering Association and a member of Wilderness Medical Associates International. He also has worked with CCTV geography channel several times and has a profound knowledge of guiding and operating tours in southwest China.


Kunchok Dhondup

Born in Dzongsar, a little Tibetan gem hidden in the Kham valleys, Kunchok is a professional guide with many years of experience of hosting Chinese and international tourists in all Tibetan areas. He speaks three dialects of Tibetan, English, Mandarin Chinese and some basic French. He has been working with Dragon Expeditions since last year.


Lhamo Tso

Born in Bora (Gansu province), she has a masters in Information science, bachelor in World History and English literature. She loves to travel, swimming, net- surfing and reading. She has been working with Dragon Expeditions as a communications assistant.

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Yajun Lu

“Sister Lu” graduated from Southwest University of Finance and Economics in 2005 and has been working for the Dragon Expeditions as an accountant.