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More than ten years after the creation of Dragon Expeditions, we are still the same outdoor enthusiasts who love to explore, discover and unveil the hidden beauties of Mother Nature to others. We love to share and exchange as well, that’s why we have been organizing our travels. And we will keep doing it, as travel is one of the best way to experience and approach the world we are living in.

One thing changed though.

We slowly got deeply involved with the places and the people we have been encountering for the last past years. We are not only adventure lovers anymore, we also are a group of individuals who are committed to building stronger communities.
While we come from different walks of life with various backgrounds, we are all deeply passionate and dedicated towards improving the quality of life for people living in remote regions under the threat of urbanization.
As a consequence, we would like now our travels to serve a special goal : identifying challenges and creating opportunities that will empower locals in building self-reliant communities.

Our Team


Apple Liu
Founder and Director of Dragon Expeditions
Apple Liu is an advocate and practitioner of responsible travel in China. In 2004 she founded Dragon Expeditions and worked as a strong proponent for responsible travel in China ever since. In 2015, she founded the Yunhe Center in Zhonglu as part of her devotion to supporting vulnerable nature reserve and communities she encountered in the Tibetan region in China. Apple Liu has got Wilderness Advanced First Aid Training Certificate by MMA(Wilderness Medical Associates)

Rong Yao

Rong Yao
Director and Chief Designer of Yunhe Center
Rongyao is a professional urban planner; He is the co-founder and Chief Designer of the Yunhe Center. He has extremely rich experience in the control of structures and scales as well as the human space design. He has worked out a large number of wonderful works in community planning, science, and education parks, urban design, featured towns, village planning, and tourism planning.


Xiaomei Liu
Executive Director of Dragon Expeditions
Xiaomei Liu, graduated with a Master Degree in Peace Study from University of Bradford in UK, is the first Chinese winner of Rotary Foundation World Peace Fellowship and is working on the strengthening of local Chinese communities, support their cultural and environmental conservation. She has over six years of work experience in environmental protection and non-profit organization development before joining Dragon Expeditions.

Shuchin Shen
Director of Educational Programs of Dragon Expeditions
Shuchin is the Director of Educational Programs of Dragon Expeditions. A lifelong nature lover, she studied for a master’s in environmental art in Helsinki, Finland after obtaining her bachelor degree in Architecture Design. She has volunteered on a range of community construction projects, she participated in the reconstruction of the primary school affected by the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008 and went to the small country of Swaziland to volunteer to build a local school.

Veronique Qin

Veronique Qin
CSR Director 
Trained to be a cultural anthropologist in KU Leuven (Belgiium), Veronique is curious about all human being and cultures in the whole universe. She obtained two bachelor degrees in French and Law from Xiamen University.  She has volunteered for one year in Golden Triangle area and worked in a charity foundation before joining Dragon Yunhe. She is a strong supporter of social enterprise and believes in business for good.

Outdoor guide and nature educator
Lingdang has been a part of the family since it’s very founding. She has served as a professional nature educator, alpine guide in China & France and is a junior learner of Leave No Trace (LNT). She is a recipient of the WAFA certificate and is a certified mountain rescuer in China. She is an especially skilled chef.

Office manager
Jie Ge is the Office Manager of Dragon Expeditions, overlooking the administration and business operation of the Chengdu office. In addition to his expertise in orchestrating the operations of our team from the office in Chengdu, Jiege thrives when surrounded by nature and has an expansive knowledge of the landscapes, ecosystems, and animals that our groups encounter along the way.

Tsering Dolma

Travel and culture guide
Dolma was born in Bomi, a little Tibetan gem hidden away in the Kham Batang. She is a guide and is experienced with hosting both Chinese and international tourists in all Tibetan areas, especially in Sichuan’s Tibetan autonomous prefectures, Aba and Garze. She is a gifted communicator, capable of speaking three dialects of Tibetan, English, Mandarin Chinese and basic Hindi.

Li Yue(Luna)

Li Yue(Luna)
Nature educator & Guide
Li Yue is an enthusiast for everything natural. Having graduated with a masters degree in Environmental Ecology from the South China Botanical Garden at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, she is adept at understanding the lay of the land. She is particularly interested in botany and zoology and loves encountering new plant and animal species. Additionally, she is very interested in Chinese traditional culture and customs of Tibetan communities.

Lei Lu

Lu Lei
Geology specialist and guide
An experienced explorer and passionate nature enthusiast, Lu Lei is a natural addition to our team. Having studied geological sciences at Oregon State University and has worked with our close partner, GEI (Global Environmental Institute), Lu Lei exemplifies Dragon Expedition’s vision of adventure and discovery. Lei’s work with our team varies from creating new educational resources for our trips, as well as guiding clients to various locations we offer.

Jenny (Yi jen)
Accounting and human resources
Jenny may not be out in the wild as often as her guiding counterparts, but her work has proved to be invaluable to team. Jenny is a Sichuan native who is adept at organizing the company’s finances and mediating the everyday affairs of its employees. With her hard work and support, the team’s working environment thrives as a welcoming space for our colleagues to accomplish our company’s goals.

Peng Yuan
Logistics coordinator
A gifted organizer, Peng Yuan’s work makes things run smoothly for the whole Dragon Expeditions team. She is responsible for arranging the logistics of our tours down to the finest details such as budgeting, planning, accommodations, and transportation. The valuable expertise that Peng Yuan brings to our team allows us to excel efficiently as a tour provider.

Dawa Chu

Dawa Chu
Dawa Chu is the head of logistics, community coordinator and serves as a guide at the Yunhe Centre. She is a local to Jiarong Tibet and is well versed in the local dialect as well as knowledge of local customs and history. Dawa graduated in animal husbandry and veterinary medicine. Her hobbies include literature and dance and she is especially skilled in the local guozhang dance.

Kelsang Gyatso
PT guide
Having been born and raised in the highland prairies of Tagong, Gyatso knows the Tibetan regions of Sichuan like the back of his hand. He is fluent in both Chinese and Tibetan and has received a bachelor’s degree in law; however his passion is guiding people through the breathtaking landscapes of his home. Gyatso excels at leading tour groups and was trained in ethic tourism through a program organized by local government.

PT guide
A good friend of our team, Tashi is excited to share the beauty and excitement of Ganzi with those who visit. An adept traveler, Tashi has witnessed every corner of the Sichuan’s Tibetan prefectures. He is fluent in both Chinese and Tibetan and has expertise in leading trips on horseback as well as hiking excursions. In addition, he uses his networks with local homestay owners to provide culturally immersive experiences that are nearly impossible to find anywhere else.