Tour Highlights

  • 3 day Wilderness Trek
  • Fantastic Mountain Scenery
  • Ancient trekking route
  • Moderate walking challenge
  • Duration: 8 days
  • Difficulty: 1
  • Group Size: 2-16 people

The Tibetan Bumoshi (Ch.Siguniang) literally translates as ‘Four Maidens’, though the English name Four Sisters Mountain is commonly used. Local Tibetan legend that says the four peaks are the embodiments of four pretty girls. The mountain consists of four adjacent mountain peaks; it is possible to join tours climbing the 1st and 2nd peaks, but the 3rd and 4th peaks are serious mountaineering expeditions, the highest peak is 6250 m, the highest in the northwest of Sichuan. The local culture is predominantly Tibetan, and Bumoshi is a sacred mountain that has drawn Tibetan Buddhist pilgrims for hundreds of years.

The Changping to Bupen-Chu (Ch.Bipeng) Valley Trek is a classic hike through the Mt. Bumoshi mountain range. The hiking group will need to be self-sufficient for two and a half days, ascending the Changping Gully to the 4668m pass and descending down into the Bupen-Chu valley to reach the roadhead at the end of the hike. In the Changping Gully, your group will be supported by pack horses but the hike over the pass is too step and narrow for horses, so a team of porters will help to transport the group’s gear to the Bupen-Chu Valley until pack horses can be used the other side. The last 3km of the walk will be unsupported.


You will be met on arrival at Chengdu International Airport by a Dragon Expeditions employee and will be taken to a 4 star hotel where you will meet your climbing guide for your trip. Over dinner (typical Sichuan cuisine), you will find out in more detail about Sichuan culture, its food and your forth coming trip. After dinner, there is the chance to study maps of the Mt. Siguniang area, the route you will take and to check your equipment with the guide to ensure you have not forgotten or missing anything

Overnight: Chengdu, Accommodation: Hotel Meals: Dinner Altitude: 500m


This day’s journey will take you up onto the Tibetan Plateau and deep into the ancient Tibetan Kingdom of Kham.  An early start at 8:00 am start is required as Zhilung is over 250km from Chengdu. After an hour or so there will be a brief stop at the town of Yenzhing (Chinese: Yingxiu) which was devastated by an 8.0 Richter scale earthquake in 2008. From Yenzhing onwards you will be travelling steadily upwards for the next 100km, heading for the Balang la (Ch. Balang Shan) pass at 4,520m. Roughly halfway to Zhilung, you will stop for lunch at Wolong (Mandarin for sleeping dragon) before continuing the climb to the Balang pass. The Wolong Valley is one of the prime Giant Panda habitats in China. As you travel deeper into the Mountains of Kham, the scenery becomes more impressive, the steep sided green hills are dotted with picturesque Tibetan villages.

After a final 40km of hairpin bends the tour will reach the Balang pass, here it is possible to get your first view of Bumoshi (Four Sisters) Mountain. From this lofty vantage point its main peak looks like a colossal snow-capped chisel driven upwards through the earth’s surface. From the pass the road sweeps down to Tibetan town of Zhilung , you will eat and stay at a traditional Tibetan guesthouse.

Overnight: Zhilung Accommodation: Guesthouse Meals: Breakfast, lunch and Dinner Altitude: 3,600m


We leave at 8:30am and you will head by local bus to Shuangqiao one of the Mt. Bumoshi’s three valleys. You will follow the ancient trekking trail along Shuangqiao Valley and visit a number of scenic spots along the valley, as well as the largest Stupa in the Mt. Bumoshi area and enjoy a traditional Tibetan lunch.

Overnight: Zhilung Accommodation: Guesthouse Meals: Breakfast, lunch and Dinner Altitude: 3,600m


After loading the packhorses with your equipment, at 9:00am you will start your walk from the guest house along the Changping Gully. It will be mainly flat and relatively easy going along most of the valley. We will pass some impressive peaks (many unclimbed and some even unnamed) pass through local minority villages, visit a Tibetan Buddhist temple and (weather dependent) hopefully catch a sight of the snowcapped Mt. Bumoshi, Mt. Pomiu and Mt. Luotuofeng (Camel peak). Halfway along the valley we will camp in Muluozi, next to a yak herders hut, where your guide will cook your evening meal. Our trekking time is 5 hours and the walking distance is about 20 km from the guesthouse.

Overnight: Muluozi Accommodation: Camping Meals: Breakfast, lunch and Dinner Altitude: 3,760m


After packing up camp the hike departs at 9:00 am, heading up the Changping valley from Muluozi. The landscape becomes increasingly remote and wild. After hiking a total of 14 km camp will be made next to a small river at Chazi Gouwei at 3,900m.

Overnight: Chazi Gouwei, Accommodation: Camping  Meals: Breakfast, lunch and Dinner Altitude: 3,9000m


This is the most challenging day, hiking for 6-7 hours. You will have to cross the 4668meters pass to reach the Bupen-Chu (Ch.Bipeng) valley, 6km from the campsite. The start of the hike has a relatively shallow gradient, but it steepens rapidly closer to the pass. In places, the path is too steep and narrow to use horses safely. You will be helped by a team of porters who will climb to the top of the pass, you may experience some altitude sickness, but hopefully the view of both valleys – where you have come from and where you are going – will make it worth it. After a 6km descent the group will arrive at Sankeshu. You will need to walk another 3km down into and along the Bupen Chu Gully to the Yueliangwan roadhead. From the roadhead you will be taken by vehicle to Putou where you will spend the night in a local guesthouse.

Overnight: Putou, Accommodation: Guesthouse Meals: Breakfast, lunch and Dinner Altitude: 2,200m


After breakfast you depart at 8:00am for a 3-4 hour drive to Chengdu where you will spend your last night in a 4 star hotel. In the evening, you will be invited to taste the Sichuan hotpot in a local restaurant.

Overnight: Chengdu, Accommodation: Hotel Meals: Breakfast, lunch and Dinner Altitude: 500m



We will drop you off at Chengdu International Airport in good time to catch your flight.

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